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Seattle Center Advisory Commission
Official Name of Board: Seattle Center Advisory Commission
Established Date: 02/26/1963
Established Authority: Ordinance 91885 (also see 108936)

Brief History:
The Seattle Center Advisory Commission is hereby constituted to serve as a citizen's Oversight Committee for the Seattle Center project provided that the Commission's oversight responsibilities shall not derogate from the responsibilities of Seattle Center or the legislative Authority of the City. The Oversight Committee shall report to the Department, the Mayor and the City Council on request from time-to-time regarding progress in accomplishing the authorization contained herein and in Ordinance 115593.

Number of Members: 15 + 1 Get Engaged Member

Appointed by:
The Mayor & City Council

Length of Term: 3 Years
Advise Center staff, Mayor and the City Council on policy matters that affect Seattle Center. Also provide the staff, Mayor and City Council with assessment of operations, performances, plans and policies.

The Seattle Center Advisory Commission shall represent the interests of the people of Seattle by advising the Seattle Center staff, the Mayor and the City Council on policy matters that may affect Seattle Center. The Seattle Center Advisory Commission shall also provide the Seattle Center staff, the Mayor and the City Council with an ongoing assessment of the operations, performances, plans and policies of the Seattle Center Department.

Next Meeting Dates:
  • Thursday, June 6, 2019 -Noon-1:30 PM, Seattle Center - Armory, Loft 4
  • Thursday, July 11, 2019 -Noon-1:30 PM, Seattle Center - Armory, Loft 2
  • Thursday, August 1, 2019 -Noon-1:30 PM, Seattle Center - Armory, Loft 2

Current Members

Maria Barrientos
Managing Partner

Gloria Connors
Connors & Co

Mark Dederer
Executive Director
Sheri & Les Biller Family Foundation
Alayne Fardella
President and COO, Retired
The Seattle Times
Holly D. Golden
Hills Clark Martin & Peterson 
Jana Lamon
Director of Enrichment Programs
Robinson Center at University of Washington 

Todd Leber
Development Manager
Seneca Group

Will Ludlam
Executive Vice President & General Manager

Donna Moodie
Owner and Operator
Marjorie Restaurant-Mint Holdings, LLC
Sarah Rich
Marketing Consultant
Self Employed
Racquel Russell 
VP Government Relations & Public Affairs
Zillow Group
Daniel Tam-Claiborne 
Forum Solutions, LLC

The Commission is comprised of a diverse group of people representing the public and constituents. Their counsel and work help to ensure the success of Seattle Center. They are a resource that is capable of and ready to contribute more to the work of elected officials, when needed. Please contact the Seattle Center Advisory Commission via email and

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