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Poetry Garden Installation Winter 2018"Unity" by Susan Palmer

Seattle Center is pleased to collaborate with the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture to bring Temporary Art Installations to campus year-round.

For 2018, we’ll present two series of artworks:

We’ve invited five artists to create works specifically designed for our Poetry Garden, asking them to create work that is responsive to the natural environment surrounding the space. 
Currently Showing:
Susan Palmer, "UNITY"

From the artist:  "This art piece was created from the poems in the garden.  Each poem is thought-provoking and the mind starts spinning.  That is the reason why the traditional pinwheel quilt block is chosen.  The use of bright color is to attract the person walking by and invite them to come in and explore the garden.
The second side of the piece was created from the last Presidential Election.  Many citizens were heartbroken over the results and continuing destruction of democracy in our country.  We the people are not "united." And the unity crumbles more each day under this government.  We must do what we can to stop this tyranny."

Susan Palmer was born in Seattle. She has lived in the Northwest most of her life and has created quilts for over 25 years. She has been a professional quilter for the last 10 years. Susan was originator and driving force for the Mukilteo Quilt and Garden Tour which just celebrated their sixth biannual show. The city of Mukilteo is proud that the tour has become a key festival and tourist destination. Her quilts have been accepted in many local and national shows, winning her many awards. She was one of 30 artists that was accepted in the 2015 Seattle Art and Culture Public Art Boot Camp. This piece is her first endeavor in Public Art.”  

Temporary site-specific works installed on campus by artists whose work reflects their surroundings and enlivens the campus with color, whimsy, and surprise. 2017 artworks centered on the theme: "The Heart of the City."  Stay tuned in late spring for 2018 plans.

2017 Artists:
Babaeva-2017SOFIA BABAEVA, Rest to the Nest
The artist will install a series of hand-felted, colorful wool pods, or nests on the Monorail Station platform. These inviting nets will be a metaphor for social congregation within the "Heart" of our human city.

Chung-2017KALINA CHUNG, Wake Up Call
Chung will install weather vanes on iconic Seattle Center architecture. The work features red and gold roosters, which harken to 2017 being the Chinese Year of the Rooster, and symbolizes civil responsibility, protection, and courage.

Ganulin-2017RANDI GANULIN, Lodestar
Ganulin will hang a series of large, twisted nets, infused with mirrored jewels and photographs. The piece is a metaphor for our inter-connectedness as people, as a society of individuals making up the whole of the city's citizens.

Genia-2017ERIN GENIA, Resilience
The artist will install a giant, rainbow-colored Morningstar patterned banner in the eaves of the International Fountain covered walkway. The piece carries the message that diversity is beautiful and pays homage to urban Native people's resilience through vibrant cultural expression.

Jackson-Spieke-2017HENRY JACKSON-SPIEKER, Lattice
A sculpture made of wood, steel, ceramic and bronze will hang from the Founders Court roof. The artwork focuses on the past, present and future of Seattle, showing how the center, or focus of the city has changed.

Moro-2017HUGO MORO, Sitting Pretty
Moro will activate benches near Mural Amphitheatre by weaving recycled vinyl banners into their slats. The colorful and whimsical result offers juxtapositions between the content of the banners and the bench's surroundings.

Soetarman-2017APRIL SOETARMAN, chimeforest
The artist aims to create a hanging, sculptural sound installation, consisting of a series of hanging chimes and hammers, tuned to the non-Western seven tone Javanese Gamelan scale. The work is a sonic love letter to both where the artist comes from, as well as her current hometown here in Seattle.

Tamaribuchi-2017TARA TAMARIBUCHI, Camouflage Net Project
The artist plans to install a camouflage net, made by weaving strips of Japanese kimono fabric, in response to the incarcerated Japanese Americans who made thousands of nets to support the WWII war effort, and in response to federal discriminatory public policy today.

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