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Artists At the Center is a multi-year collaboration between Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Seattle Center, with support from Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition and the communities adjacent to Seattle Center campus. The project is made possible by a 10-year grant from Climate Pledge Arena and Seattle Kracken.

Join us as we introduce emerging and established artists and celebrate their talent on a newly revitalized Seattle Center campus. Artists are given a performance opportunity, allowing them to connect with new audiences, display their talents and advance their careers. Visitors to campus and the surrounding neighborhood benefit from surprising and delightful pop-up performances throughout the year. Each year, artists are selected through an open application process with an equity and social justice lens, ensuring equitable representation for underserved and emerging artists. Artistic genres include music, dance, theater, demonstrations, and multi-disciplinary work.

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2021-22 List of Artists

Positively Positive Education |  November 30, 2021 @ Monorail   

Khu'éex' |  December 5, 2021 @ Armory     

Northwest Tap Connection  |  December 19, 2021 @ Armory 


Black Stax | January 29, 2022 @ Northwest Courtyard
Red Eagle Soaring | Feb 4, 2022 @ Armory
EL SUEÑO Dance Day | February 20, 2022 @ Armory
Gender Tender | February 27, 2022 @ Fisher Pavilion Roof
Sumayya E. Diop Dance & Drum | March 1, 2022 @ Monorail
Das Biest  | March 25, 2022 @ Fisher Pavilion Roof

Orquesta Northwest  | March 26, 2022 @ Armory


Alfonso Cervera Dance | April 30, 2022 @ Northwest Courtyard
206 Zulu
Alia Swersky 
Sistas Rock the Arts 
Arami Walker 
Totem Star 
Grupo Cultural Oaxaqueno 
Lorna Velasco 
Rochelle House


Dance with Dora 
Margo Jones
Arson Nicki
Adriana Girodano 
Kole Galbraith
The Mahagony Project
Let the Strings Speak 
Nia Amina Minor 
Vania C. Bynum 
Inspired Child 

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