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Seattle Center is pleased to collaborate with the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture to bring Temporary Art Installations to campus year-round.

Poetry Garden Art Series

Each year we invite artists to create works specifically designed for our Poetry Garden, asking them to create work that is responsive to the natural environment surrounding the space. Each installation is up for about 3 months. Visit the Poetry Garden often to see the latest work!

Currently Showing in Poetry Garden


Jessica Ghyvoronsky, a Korean-American artist, utilizes the ancient art form of origami, which has been a staple of Korean art for centuries, to create a series of flower blossoms. This project revives the one-sheet rule of origami with a modern twist by injecting a second, foreign material into it: two different cultures overlapping into a new, natural form. Since the Korean War, Korean women and U.S. soldiers have found their way into each other’s lives, both beautifully and controversially. That notion is represented in the artist's use of Korean Traditional “Han Bok” dress fabric and U.S. Military uniforms. The artist's exploration of two very different worlds becoming one in all of their beauty, awkwardness, and intrigue is what brought about these blended blossoms.

Seattle Center Sculpture Walk

Temporary site-specific works installed on campus by artists whose work reflects their surroundings and enlivens the campus with color, whimsy, and surprise. This year's works center on the theme Metamorphosis, and will be installed August through December. Stay tuned for more info!

Special Thanks to our Partner!

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