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BrasilFest is part of the Seattle Center Festál series and produced in partnership with Brazil Center.

In 2022, Seattle Center Festál is celebrating 25 years of stories and traditions. The theme, "Where the World Gathers" links together the series of 24 free festivals presented throughout the year, each with a unique cultural focus, identity, and range of engaging activities.

The festival took place in-person on Sunday, August 21, 12pm-7pm in the Armory Food & Event Hall, Mural Amphitheatre, and Fisher Pavilion Rooftop. View the highlights below.

BrasilFest exposes the community to Brazilian arts and traditions during the week of the Brazilian Folklore Day. This is a unique mission, as this day is not usually celebrated outside of Brazil. In Brazil, this event is an important educational tool in continuing Brazilian folkloric traditions. The festival's mission goes beyond keeping traditions alive, and combines traditional and contemporary Brazilian expressions. It provides an opportunity to bring together all artists and organizations concerned with Brazil and to unite them in one venue. Thereby, they hope to increase the visibility of the Brazilian cultural landscape in the community.

Eduardo and Ana Paula, Brazilian immigrants, co-founded the nonprofit, Brazil Center, and BrasilFest, which has been held free of charge at the Seattle Center since 1999. It is the area’s best-known Brazilian festival. Eduardo was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He is a guitarist, percussionist, singer, composer, and director of  Show Brazil Productions. He traces his heritage to a royal African family called "Mama Beka", meaning “Prophet of the Royal Court". Ana Paula is a promoter and co-founder of Show Brazil Productions, a Seattle area company created in 1995 to promote Brazilian arts and education opportunities in the U.S and Canada. Ana Paula Mendonça was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and has lived in the United States since 1987, as a naturalized U.S. citizen.

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Seattle Center Festál presents BrasilFest in partnership with Brazil Center and Show Brazil Productions. BrasilFest invites the broader community to enjoy capoeira, food, music, dance, and more!


BrasilFest was established in 1999 by Brazilian immigrants and husband and wife duo, Eduardo and Ana Paula Mendonca, to share Brazilian arts and traditions during the week of Brazilian Folklore Day. This is unique because the holiday is not celebrated outside of Brazil, yet is an important day to educate and share Brazilian folkloric traditions.

Eduardo Mendonca is a musician, music arranger, composer, and festival organizer since 1974. He has performed for many notable people, such as the 14th Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul II, and former South Africa President, Nelson Mandela. He is the co-founder and co-director for Show Brazil Productions and the Brazil Center.

Ana Mendonca is the co-founder of Show Brazil Productions, a Seattle company established in 1995 to promote Brazilian arts and education opportunities the U.S. and Canada. She is the booking agent, promoter, and also co-founder of Brazil Center, a non-profit organization behind BrasilFest.


  • Chiquinha Gonzaga was the first musician to write lyrics to carnival music. Her composition ‘Abre Alas’ was composed in 1899. She was also the first musician to be divorced in Brazil in 1876 at age 29. At the time, it was taboo for a woman from a financially healthy family to dedicate her life to Brazilian popular music, instead of a classical music education.

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