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Seattle Center is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all. Safety, security and emergency resources are in place to help support our Purpose and Core Values. Here is information on how we work to promote safety and security at Seattle Center.


As we welcome people back to Seattle Center, we have put in place extra measures to keep our visitors and eventgoers safe, healthy and reassured! The measures will flex and change as our situation evolves, and in accordance with State and City guidance, but they will err on the side of ensuring our patrons enjoy the cleanest and safest time imaginable at Seattle Center.


hand holds spray bottle CLEANING & DISINFECTING 
We know it makes a difference in stemming the spread of viruses, and so we regularly clean and disinfect gathering areas in all City-owned and operated facilities including Seattle Center Armory, Fisher Pavilion and Exhibition Hall. Areas include the Armory Food & Event Hall and Lofts, restrooms, meeting rooms, elevators, stairways and entrances. Visitors will find hand sanitizer stations throughout our facilities as well as shiny counters and floors!
illustration of woman wearing mask STAFF PRACTICES & PROTOCOLS
The health and safety of Seattle Center employees is our top consideration. Masks are optional for staff while working in communal spaces on the grounds and in buildings, and sick staff are asked to stay home. Employees are trained to clean and disinfect any surface our visitors might touch and carefully track their work. Even event equipment is cleaned and disinfected before and after every use with EPA-approved products.
virus in a red circle with line through it CREATING SAFE & HEALTHY EVENTS
Our approach to safe and healthy events at Seattle Center is guided by our Return to Events and campus operations plans. To allow adequate time for cleaning and ventilating enclosed spaces, upcoming indoor events have been scheduled with lots of time in between. Further, we work with our event clients to help them complete a Health Safety Plan, so that our health and safety measures remain consistent no matter who puts on the party!
illustration of virus HEALTH & SAFETY AWARENESS
A designated Seattle Center staff contact, with help from a health safety consultant, keeps us in the know about the latest guidance and research, and helps adjust our approach and protocols accordingly based on current wisdom and science. Go team!

We won’t ask for your vaccination status, and we will equitably treat all visitors in regard to health and safety while on the grounds. Please abide by the following to help us keep everyone well.

virus within ed circle and line through it IF YOU’RE SICK, STAY HOME
Feel a sniffle coming on or tickle in your throat? If you are ill or think you might be coming down with something, please rest at home and keep others healthy.
illustration of mask WEAR A FACE COVERING
Masks are optional in City of Seattle buildings.
hands with water drops indicating washing FOLLOW YOUR EVENT GUIDELINES
Events at Seattle Center now follow operational and health safety plans to support the health and safety of our staff and event attendees. Please follow all health safety requirements for any event you attend, as outlined by the event producer. We hope you enjoy your time on the grounds — and please do your part to ensure a fun, safe and comfortable space for everyone!

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General Campus Safety Information

Seattle Center Emergency Services Unit (ESU) employs uniformed security officers who regularly patrol the campus and garages 24 hours a day by foot, bicycle and vehicle. They also provide first aid and respond to emergencies and visitor inquiries. ESU coordinates closely with Seattle Police Department (SPD) personnel to ensure compliance with Seattle Center Campus Rules and facility rules of conduct.


  • “See Something, Say Something.” If you see something suspicious while on the grounds or in Seattle Center facilities, please report it immediately to ESU at 206-684-7272 or Call 911.
  • Customer Service staff are available for assistance and information in Seattle Center Armory at the north end of the Food Hall or by calling 206-684-7200. You may also obtain assistance from any Seattle Center representative (look for the Seattle Center logo on their shirt or jacket).
  • If you have a cell phone, keep it readily available in case you need to use it.
  • Stay in lighted areas and/or on the main paths and walkways in later hours.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and careful to avoid slips, trips and falls in wet areas and along garden pathways.


  • Pick a Well-Lit Area—do not park in a lonely area of the garage (park near other vehicles).
  • Stay Off of Technology—pay attention to your driving and surroundings.
  • Lock Your Car—always.
  • Look Both Ways–drive defensively.
  • Stay in your lane—especially when turning.
  • Keep Valuables in the Trunk—do not cover things and leave them on the seat.
  • Watch Out for Pedestrians—they don’t pay attention, you must for their sake.
  • Slow Down—garages are no speeding zones.
  • Follow Directions—of signage and garage personnel.
  • If you see something, say something—know who to call-- ESU at 206-684-7272 or Call 911.

Seattle Center event and emergency service personnel coordinate closely with event producers, Seattle Police and Fire on security planning in advance of large events on the grounds. During events, they follow a carefully crafted plan, tailored to the size and specifics of the event, to enable quick and capable City response to a range of security needs and emergency situations.

Ongoing emergency management is a priority at Seattle Center. Staff are trained in preparedness policies and procedures to respond to emergencies of various types and sizes. As a department of the City of Seattle, Seattle Center follows the Seattle Disaster Readiness and Response Plan.

Evacuation plans are in place for all Seattle Center facilities. If circumstances require evacuation, visitors should follow instructions given over public address systems and as directed by Seattle Center staff, uniformed security officers, police or medical responders.

In the event of a missing child, please notify a Seattle Center representative, emergency services officer (206-684-7272) or customer service staff (206-684-7200) so that they may coordinate on locating the lost child.

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