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Seattle Center is pleased to collaborate with Seattle Office of Arts & Culture to bring Seattle Center Sculpture Walk to campus as part of our Temporary Art Program. Yearly funding is provided by Climate Pledge Arena and Seattle Kraken.

Enjoy Seattle Center Sculpture Walk on our grounds, mid-August through end of 2022.
These four artworks were developed through Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Art Interruptions program. A cohort of artists attended a year-long Public Art Bootcamp training program, which resulted in four artists receiving commissions at Seattle Center.

2022 Artist Roster:

Nikita Ares -  mural at Seattle Center Skate Plaza

Matthew Dockery - ironworks on Fisher Pavilion Roof

May Kytonen  - fiber art at Seattle Center Monorail / Armory Bridge

Micah McCarty - carved wooden sculpture in trees by Mural Amphitheatre

2021 Sculpture Walk Artworks

Artist: Jovita Mercado
Title: Los Trabajadores, Sus Apoyos, Y La Comunidad (The Workers, Their Advocators, And The Community)
Location: International Fountain Covered Walkway

Artist Statement: “These Loteria-style prints are centered on Washington state’s laborers and community organizers. This piece specifically commemorates Latinx field workers, Filipino cannery workers, and community activists that fought for workers' rights and the security of BIPOC Communities like Dulce Gutiérrez from Yakima and the Gang of Four from Seattle.”

Artist's Website 
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Artist: Jac Oliver Trautman
Title: Might be Going to Have Imagined This Place
Location: Fisher Pavilion ADA Elevator and Artists at Play Plaza

Artist Statement: “I have heard the Duwamish are the Indigenous people of this land. It is written that the Duwamish do not exist. Look. . .”

Artist's Website

Artist: Nate Clark
Title: Inverted Pyramid
Location: South Founders Court

Artist Statement: "Inverted Pyramid is a hand-tied net made of a 2-ply strand combining bonded nylon twine and hand-spun wool. The handbell suspended in the center of the piece rings as wind interacts with the installation."

Artist's Website
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Artist: Fumi Amano
Title: Resilience
Location: Fisher Pavilion Rooftop

Artist Statement: “The world is in the process of adapting well after facing crises such as COVID-19. Resilience not only helps us get through difficult circumstances, but it also empowers us to grow and even improve our life along the way.”

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