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Seattle Fudge prides itself on bringing fresh, creamy fudge to its customers. While many other fudge stores create their fudge in pans, Seattle Fudge uses the unique process of boiling the pure ingredients in a copper kettle, then pouring the steaming fudge directly onto marble tables, then using unique tools, they cool the fudge and constantly keep the sugar crystals moving so the sugars will not crystalize and finally hand forming the fudge into a loaf.  With this process they are able to make a variety of different flavors.  Free samples are available to try a taste.  Their top 11 flavors are featured at the Armory, including the most popular - old fashion chocolate walnut.
Their fudge is prepared from an old time family recipe with their own spin on it, creating out of the box flavors.  They also have a little fun with the process and you may see fudge flying through the air as it is being made.  Seattle Fudge also makes fresh saltwater taffy and displays its old fashioned taffy puller and taffy cutter to be seen by all.  If you are looking for just a straight sugar rush, stop in for their fresh spun cotton candy available in blue-raspberry and pink-vanilla.

•Seattle's best fudge made fresh on the premises
•Saltwater taffy made on the premises
•Northwest favorite Cascade Glacier ice cream, hand-scooped in assorted delicious flavors
•Popcorn, caramel corn and cotton candy
•Assorted beverages
•Shipping available to send to family and friends

Seattle Fudge has been a part of the Seattle Center for over 35 years.  It was founded in 1981 by an extraordinary candy-maker with an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit.  Growing up near Mackinaw Island, Michigan, which is considered the fudge capitol of the world, he was fascinated with the craft of fudge making.  With an old family recipe in hand and his desire to bring the craft of making fudge to the masses he opened Seattle Fudge in the Center House/The Armory.  Seattle Fudge is created with an open kitchen so that everyone visiting could see pure ingredients be transformed into a 25 pound loaf of creamy delectable fudge.  Thirty-five years later the busy red and white Seattle Fudge kitchen is still a main attraction for visitors to the Seattle Center and Space Needle.

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