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This past weekend, Seattle Center welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to the campus for Pokémon GO Fest. The event, making its first United States appearance since 2019, transformed the campus by bringing to life four real-world habitats - Cloud Sanctuary, The Oasis, Dreamy Mindscape and Electric Garden - each featuring themed Pokémon and a Collection Challenge.

In addition to exploring the habitats, Trainers were also able to:

  • Visit the Trading Post to meet and trade with other Trainers.
  • Test their mettle against each other in the Battle Ground.
  • Take a photo with Pikachu or Eevee!
  • Purchase exclusive and special event merchandise at the Pokémon Center Store.
  • Meet and greet with notable Trainers.

When it was all said and done Trainers caught over 17,000,000 Pokemon, collectively explored over 618,000 kilometers and using Campfire, lit over 57,000 total Flares to signal nearby players where to find some fun.

*Stats provided by www.pokemongolive.com

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